December 24, 2012

Cyclocross Magazine Follow-Up...Drivetrain Tips

Hello.  Thanks for coming by and I truly hope everyone is having a great end to 2012, and will have a great beginning in 2013!  There have been a couple of hiccups around the website the past couple of weeks.  SCS web guru, Josh Gipper, had to rebuild the site from scratch/save what he could after a fire happened at the original server.  Im not a web guy, so dont ask what, who, when, where, how, Im just glad Josh saved the important stuff.  Some b-log posts were lost, but we'll see if we can find them. 

Preparations for CX Nationals and Worlds has been ramping up.  We, Wes and I, are super excited for both events.  There's been a lot of positive feedback on what we're offering and bookings are coming in every day.  There could be potential for Madison mechanics to make some money if we get super busy, so stay tuned!

Ive had the super awesome privilege of starting to do some work for CX Magazine lately.  Thats another reason the writing here has slowed down.  This post is an attempt to begin to compliment the pieces there(cxmagazine) with follow-ups here.  The latest article is on drivetrain maintenance and lubing.  Below you will see the step by step photos for both the "Cable Cleaning/Greasing" and "Plastic Bag" tips. 

Thanks for coming by and hope to see lots of you at Nationals and then in Louisville!